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Play equipment maintenance policy

The company has received customer service department, responsible for providing a full range of services to customers. Customer Service Department accepted responsibility for designated persons to receive customer information, registration, technical analysis, recovery, treatment, visit, summary archiving and feedback. Accept the customer technical advice, guidance customers the proper use and maintenance equipment. Tracking service situations, understand the customer satisfaction.

First, the customer service department for customer service have accepted a strict limit processing requirements: A. Analysis of customer information, process (including guidance, mailing, send) respond to customer within a specified time. B. ability to rule out equipment failure on customers in their need to provide troubleshooting and replacement parts, within the specified time for completion of the sender issues. C. customers use the product after-sales staff can not normally be home repair, within the specified time to send service personnel arrived at the scene promptly and quickly troubleshooting. Part of the quality of service tracking, completion of a return visit or reply to the customer. D. once a week.